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This website is about Eastern Prussia. Western Prussia is in Germany and Eastern Prussia is in Poland near the Gulf of Danzig. Gdansk, Poland is near Lubeck, Germany. Here is my website about my daily routine here in #DC, Archive, Archive 2, Archive 3, Archive 4, Archive 5, Russian literature page, Archive 6, Archive 7, Archive 8

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James 23

This is me talking about James Matthews. 12-21-22

"Police Bust Drug Deal, Seize Methamphetamines Worth BGN 500,000" "Participants in a drug deal were arrested in the centre of Varna, on the Black Sea, on Monday, Varna Police Chief Atanas Mihov reported on Tuesday. The special operation, carried out jointly with the General Directorate for Combating Organised Crime, seized more than 3 kilograms of methamphetamines, with a market value of around BGN 500,000." "The drugs were found in the drug dealers' cars. Four people from Sofia and Silistra, on the Danube, were arrested at the scene, and later a fifth one from the village of Dabravino was also implicated in the crime." The Bulgarian news is reporting on the police. (December 21, 2022)

"Day 301 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Zelensky left for the US on his First Visit abroad since the Start of the War" "Zelensky left for the US on his first visit abroad since the beginning of the Russian invasion" "Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is expected to leave for Washington today. This will be his first visit abroad since the beginning of the Russian invasion. In Russia, President Vladimir Putin will participate in a large-scale meeting with the military. At it, the Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu will report on the course of the so-called from Moscow 'special military operation'." The Bulgarian news is reporting on Kiev. (December 21, 2022)

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James 22

Is Spencer Matthews giving us his refined opinion about art?
It's a steers and deers joke.

This is me talking about Spencer Matthews. 12-20-22

Are the Israelis doing PKK counterterrorism operations in southern Syria?
Do we want more S-300s in Ukraine?
Are there military strategic reasons for these discussions about Kosovo?
The suspicion is that there are airbases in Kosovo, and Kosovo affects trade through ports in the Balkans.
Do the Germans want to trade through these ports in the Balkans?

This is me talking about Damascus. 12-20-22

Rabat 3
Rabat 4
Rabat 5
Rabat 6
Rabat 7

"Militants take hostages at counterterrorism center: Islamist militants seized a counterterrorism center in the northwestern Pakistani area of Bannu on Sunday..." The Washington Post is reporting on Islamabad. (December 19, 2022)

Pakistan 7

"Bulgaria cannot ask for the Next Payment under the EU Recovery Plan...Yet" "The first payment under the recovery and sustainability plan of BGN 2.7 billion happened according to plan, we were even ahead of Romania by a month. We will not be able to request the next sum of 724 million euros until we have completed our work on the implementation of 66 measures, of which 22 pass through the parliament", Deputy Prime Minister for European funds management Atanas Pekanov told BNT today. He specified that one of the necessary 22 laws has been adopted so far, even though it was adopted by the previous parliament. The current one has only rejected the Whistleblower Protection Act, including corruption. "We are 2 years late for the adoption of this law, because of which our country will pay sanctions," warned Pekanov. He commented on the criticism that the law allows whistleblowing by saying that the law has a written procedure for what happens if you submit false information." The Bulgarian news is reporting on the EU. (December 19, 2022)

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Kosovo 27

This is me talking about Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams #DC pic.twitter.com/rwz5JMEtwS

— Donna Welles (@WellesDonna) December 18, 2022

James 17
James 18
James 16

Kate's relatives (1) vacation in places likes the Maldives, and (2) they keep track of where it's illegal to be a homosexual.

James 14
James 20
James 21

This is me talking about Spencer Matthews. 12-18-22

Vogue Williams is taller than Spencer Matthews. She is from Ireland. Vogue supposedly has a homosexual sister.

James 12
James 13

Spencer Matthews is 5'10".
James Matthews is 6'4".
Spencer studied at Eton College.
They have another brother who died.
Spencer married a woman from Ireland named Vogue Williams.

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[Libya rejects Egypt's 'unilateral' demarcation of maritime borders ibya rejected Egypt's decision to demarcate maritime borders, saying that it violates territorial integrity. "This demarcation is unjust because it was unilaterally announced, it violates Libya's territorial integrity and the principles of good faith and respect for sovereignty," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. "The delimitation of the borders between the two countries must take place by mutual agreement through negotiations that guarantee the interests of both parties and respect the principle of equality", it added. In November 2019, Turkiye and Libya signed a maritime delimitation deal that provided a legal framework to prevent any fait accompli by regional states. Accordingly, the attempts by the Greek government to appropriate huge parts of Libya's continental shelf, when a political crisis hit the North African country in 2011, were averted. The agreement also confirmed that Turkiye and Libya are maritime neighbors. The delimitation starts from Fethiye-Marmaris-Kas on Turkiye's southwestern coast and extends to the Derna-Tobruk-Bordia coastline of Libya. In response, Egypt and Greece signed an agreement in August 2020, designating an EEZ in the Eastern Mediterranean between the two countries. Turkiye had questioned the legitimacy of the Egypt-Greece agreement, vowing to keep the country's earlier-signed maritime pact with the Tripoli government in place. Later in 2021, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Turkiye may negotiate a maritime demarcation agreement with Egypt in the Eastern Mediterranean, depending on the condition of bilateral ties.] The Turkish news is reporting on North Africa. The Germans used to test warplanes in the Libyan desert. (December 17, 2022)

[San Francisco (AFP) - Elon Musk said late Friday he would reinstate the Twitter accounts of several journalists who were suspended after he accused them of endangering his family. Musk had drawn anger and warnings from the EU and UN after suspending the accounts of more than half a dozen prominent journalists from the New York Times, CNN and the Washington Post. "The people have spoken. Accounts who doxxed my location will have their suspension lifted now," the Twitter owner tweeted. Musk carried out a Twitter poll asking whether he should restore the suspended accounts now or in a week's time. Nearly 59 percent of the 3.69 million who took part said he should restore the accounts now. Some of the suspended accounts appeared to have been reactivated, with former Vox journalist Aaron Rupar tweeting again.] France24 is reporting on Twitter. (December 17, 2022)

Mich 5
Mich 4

This is me talking about right wingerism in Michigan. 12-16-22

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District 2

At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet and a freight train running through the middle of my head.

Working for the surveillance teams is making sure they can see what the civilian agents are doing. It's terrifying because they are so illiterate and they have such a basic knowledge of the machines they use.

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Turkey 18

It's the Turks! #Kosovo

Thank goodness the Ukrainians in Ireland are celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

Maybe the Germans are cyberattacking Warsaw.
Maybe the Germans are giving police radios to Warsaw.
Are there German soldiers in Poland?
Are the Germans trading a lot through Polish ports?
Can we describe the today relationship between Warsaw and Berlin?

This is me talking about right wingerism in Warsaw. 12-15-22

Warsaw and Moscow are rivals.
Grozny and Moscow are allies.
I prefer Moscow and Grozny because there are sometimes right wingers in Poland.

Harry 14

This is me talking about Prince Harry. 12-15-22

Harry 13
Harry 12
Harry 10

Somehow there is a give and take, and then it's weird that Harry and Coleen use the courts like this. That's not the point of the courts if Harry thinks this about the media.
"We have to take legal action." - Princess Meghan
This came up with Coleen Rooney. Kind of, don't we ignore stuff they do? When the wealthy start aggressively using the courts.
I think Harry and Meghan, they take the money but then they start using the courts as a means to defend themselves or something. Coleen does that.

No you're not! #Amsterdam

Harry 9
Harry 7
Harry 8

Harry married Meghan.
She is older than him.
The first baby, Meghan thought it couldn't come out of her cunny because of her age.
The second baby was a miscarriage.
And then there was a third baby after that.

Harry 5
Harry 6

This is from Harry and Meghan's docuseries on Netflix. I don't like that he's wearing an army uniform, and he's cutting a cake with a sword.
This speaks to legitimate complaints about the British army. I wonder about the budget and if the soldiers are using their weapons as intended.
It offends me as an American that British army personnel are cutting cakes with swords.
(December 15, 2022)

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It seems like sending so many weapons to Ukraine is either illegal, or opposite what these people are supposed to be doing. Meaning the European Commission. Aren't they supposed to be doing other priorities or whatever and they can't do that because they sent so many weapons to Kiev?
It's weird to me kind of that Bulgarian diplomats can declare strike action. Maybe this has to do with the Bulgarian Socialist Party. It speaks to the drama now within Bulgarian parliamentary politics.
This joint operation has so many countries. Maybe some of these joint military ops are a waste of money if there are too many countries.

This is me talking about the EC. 12-14-22

Pentagon 105
Italy 45
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Italy 43
Italy 44

It seems like James Matthews is tall, but he has a small head. Sometimes he gains weight.

James 6
James 7 James 8
James 9

[Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, reveals she had a miscarriage https://www.theguardian.com - uk-news - nov - megha... Nov 25, 2020 - Duchess writes about her grief and pain in losing a baby, and addresses the stigma of miscarriage. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.]

This on the left is James Matthews. It seems like he is a Prussian because of how he's dressed. On the right is Meghan in the spring of 2022. She wore that outfit to an awards ceremony. Harry is in the background. She seems really overweight. She gave birth twice and she had a miscarriage.

James 10 James 11
EU 1

We don't even really want Ukraine exporting grain right now. Isn't everyone else sending them aid?
What kind of stuff generally does the EU agree to? Do they do what they agree to? Do they do a good job at this? It speaks to EU membership discussions.

This is me talking about Ukraine grain deal. 12-13-22

This is me talking about James Matthews. 12-13-22

James 5
James 4
James 3

For our purposes.
William is a lot younger than James.
James married a younger woman, and William's wife is older than James' wife.
But, William went to college and he was in the army.
James didn't go to college, but James' brother went to Eton like Harry and Dominic.

James 2
James 1
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Serbia 7
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Turkey 17
Turkey 16

The Serbian champion is ranked #1 in the world! #DC

Are the Kosovars taking Serbian POWs?
The Turks have agreed to use their army and police to enforce the border with Bulgaria. President Erdogan himself met with Bulgarian government officials. He agreed to instruct their ministry of the interior about this border and to use Turkish forces to enforce immigration policies.
The Russians are meeting with the Turks. Are the Turks allowed to say whatever about the events in Ukraine?

Earlier, the Kosovo police detained Dejan Pantic, a former Serb policeman, at the Jarinje checkpoint on the administrative border between Kosovo and Metohija, and central Serbia.
In response, the Serb population erected barricades in a highway in several settlements near the checkpoint and took to the streets in protest not to let Pantic be taken to Pristina.
KFOR (a NATO-led international peacekeeping force in Kosovo) and EULEX (European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo) patrols have been pulled to the barricades.
(December 12, 2022)

This is me talking about German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock. 12-12-22

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This is me talking about Mevlut Cavusoglu. 12-10-22

"Are not energy prices high because we send so much weaponry to Ukraine?" - Slovakian electorate

Mevlut Cavusoglu
He is the Turkish foreign minister.
He is very famous, he is an A-lister, I guess.
Two things.
Kind of it seems like he can say as he likes.
But, he has flown somewhere and he says this.
Other people, it doesn't matter where he is when he says stuff.
It's some kind of a phenomenon that he doesn't know later people will remember he said this.
About this dispute with Athens right now.

Turkey 7
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