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District of Columbia

This is me talking about Sevastopol. 9-23-23

A description of Turkish-made satellites.
China's officer corps.
Right wingers in Germany.

[Turkish technology giant Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), in addition to its responsibility in the national communications satellite Turksat 6A, is set to carry out new domestic and foreign missions with various satellites. TAI Space Systems Deputy General Manager Selman Nas told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the company developed an operational satellite for another customer by utilizing competencies gained in the course of making communications satellite Turksat 6A.]

[Do China's recent military purges spell trouble for Xi Jinping? They were trusted and favoured by Xi Jinping. Now, they seem to be vanishing. In recent months, the disappearances of several high-ranking Chinese officials have sparked intense speculation over whether Mr Xi is embarking on a purge, particularly of those linked to the military. The latest person who appears to have fallen from grace is defence minister Li Shangfu, who has not been seen in public for some weeks now. While his absence was not seen as unusual at first, scrutiny intensified when a top US diplomat pointed it out. A Reuters report later said General Li, who used to oversee arms procurement for the People's Liberation Army (PLA), was being investigated over military equipment purchases.]

[The number of right-wing extremists in Germany has tripled in recent years according to a new study, while directors of concentration camps are warning of having to deal with Nazi threats and graffiti "almost daily". The biennial "Centre Study" by the Social Democratic Party's affiliated think-tank the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung has found that eight percent of adults, one in twelve, now have a right-wing extremist worldview, up from 2-3 percent a few years ago.]

(September 23, 2023)

In my mind the French are saying there had been a warning, and weirdly these guys ignored the warning. Be afraid, Avoir peur.
[The Russian-installed head of Sevastopol in annexed Crimea warned of a possible new Ukrainian missile attack on Saturday, a day after Kyiv hit Russia's Black Sea Fleet headquarters in the city. "Attention! Missile danger!" Sevastopol governor Mikhail Razvozhayev said on Telegram. "Close your windows properly and stay away from them," he said, asking commuters to get out of cars and public transport and seek shelter in a safe place. "Close your windows properly and stay away from them," he said, asking commuters to get out of cars and public transport and seek shelter in a safe place. But shortly afterwards he said the "danger is over". Kyiv struck the Russian naval headquarters on Friday, sparking a huge fire and leaving at least one Russian serviceman missing.]

[Live: 'Senior' Russian naval officers killed in HQ attack in Crimea, says Ukraine Ukraine on Saturday said dozens of people including "senior Russian navy commanders" died or were injured when it staged a missile attack on Moscow's Black Sea Fleet headquarters in the Crimean port city of Sevastopol the day before. Follow our live blog for all the latest developments on the war in Ukraine. All time 10:10am: Ukraine says 'senior' Russian naval officers killed in HQ attack Ukraine on Saturday said dozens including senior Russian navy commanders died or were injured when it staged a missile attack on Moscow's Black Sea Fleet headquarters in the Crimean port of Sevastopol a day earlier. Ukraine struck the headquarters on Friday, sparking a huge fire. "The details of the attack will be revealed as soon as possible and the result is dozens of dead and wounded occupants, including senior fleet commanders," the Ukrainian army said. It said the strike happened when "a meeting of the Russian navy's leadership" was going on. Kyiv's intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov claimed the attack killed "at least nine people" in comments to Voice of America, including generals. FRANCE 24 was not able to verify this information. Budanov declined to say if Western-made missiles were used in the attack and Russia has said that one of its servicemen was missing after the attack. Ukraine has vowed to take back Crimea, annexed by Moscow in 2014. 9:43am: 'Danger' of new Ukrainian attack in Sevastopol, says Russian-installed governor Ukraine carried out a missile strike Friday on the headquarters of Russia's Black Sea Fleet, a Russian official said. The Russian-installed governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhayev, didn't offer any details, saying only that emergency services had been dispatched to the site of the strike and that there was no information about casualties. Ukraine did not immediately claim responsibility for the attack.
(September 23, 2023)

This is me talking about the Crimea. 9-22-23

A real baby did come out of there. Evgeni Malkin's son came out of there, you can see it because Anna wears these bodysuits in the photos. She's from the suburbs of Moscow. Maybe she's a Polish woman. And these Russian police guys are from the same suburb even.

I've been to the Red Light District in Amsterdam. They have themes.
Anna does, '..that's where the baby came out..'
That's something Russian guys are into.

Maybe this is an urban legend.
I have heard though...
The Russian FSB hires teams and the men kind of look like Anna Kasterova, Evgeni Malkin's wife. She is from the suburbs of Moscow. She is older than I am. She's really tall. She has long black hair. She wears bodysuits. I think you can see where the baby came out. They have one kid.
Supposedly, these FSB guys and Anna are kind of Poles, they just look Russian and they are from the suburbs of Moscow.

These are protesters who want NATO to leave Bulgaria.
Maybe the Germans are taking too much energy for their army.
The EC might facilitate elections in Bulgaria.
Taiwanese independence.
The different NATO planes everyone sent to Ukraine.
The Kosovo police.
Maybe the Kosovars allow the Germans to use their airbases.

[Bulgaria: "Vazrazhdane" Supporters fought with Police and Attacked the Barricades in front of the Monument to the Soviet Army The protesters then headed to the Ministry of Defense building, where they again shouted "Resignation" and demanded that the NATO bases leave Bulgaria, after which they proceeded, absolutely uncontrollably, to the Monument to the Soviet Army.]

Lukoil Neftochim Burgas Warns that Abandoning Russian Crude Oil Threatens Its Stability and Creates Market Risks

Parliament establishes Machine Vote Security Committee

HONG KONG /XIANGGANG/, September 22. /TASS/. Taiwan has reported the approach of 34 Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) aircraft and seven People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) warships in the region adjacent to the island, Taiwan's defense department said in a statement. According to it, "32 PLA aircraft and seven PLAN vessels around Taiwan were detected by 6 a.m. (1:00 a.m. Moscow time)."

[Mirage, F-16 jets unable to challenge Russian fighters - senior legislator Andrey Kartapolov also remarked that the US F-16 fighter was quite difficult in terms of repairs and maintenance MOSCOW, September 21. /TASS/. Foreign fighter jets Mirage 2000 and F-16 will not be able to challenge modern Russian fighters in air combat, while the US-made F-16 are also hard to maintain and repair, the head of the State Duma's defense committee, Andrey Kartapolov, said about the possible supplies of such equipment to Kiev. "Now it's the turn of the Mirage planes. As a platform, yes, it is capable of performing certain tasks. It has nine mounting points for weapons. But as an opponent of our modern fighters in aerial combat the Mirage has absolutely no chances. Take it from me. The F-16's results will be approximately the same," Kartapolov said on the TV channel Rossiya-24. He also remarked that the US F-16 fighter was quite difficult in terms of repairs and maintenance. "A pilot can be trained, especially the one who already has flying experience. The most important thing is to train technical personnel. The F-16 is a rather complex airplane and hard to maintain and repair. It can't be serviced with tools simple as a wrench," he said. According to the French portal Intelligence Online, Kiev and Paris are close to concluding an agreement on the transfer of Mirage 2000 fighters from the French Air Force to Ukraine. In particular, the issue on the agenda is the acquisition of an as yet undetermined number of used fighter jets Mirage 2000D, designed for air strikes against ground targets. In addition, in late August, Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder announced that a course of training for Ukrainian pilots to fly F-16 fighters would begin at a base in the state of Arizona in October. At the same time, US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy, Plans and Capabilities Mara Karlin essentially made it clear in early August that the F-16s would be handed over to Kiev only when the Ukrainian army was ready to use them.]

KFOR is deploying units to the north of Kosovo and Metohija KFOR mission announced that it will conduct the "Robust Ram" exercise in the northeast of Kosovo and Metohija, which will last from today until September 27. As stated, the aim of the exercise is to test operational readiness in relation to operations related to the freedom of movement of the local population. "The training is part of a wider framework of activities that are carried out in order to maintain the operational capabilities of key tactical and support units that are deployed within the KFOR mission," the announcement states. It is added that the units will be deployed to clear roadblocks near the "HARILAQ" training ground and the Novo Selo base, and at the same time reconnaissance and air assets of KFOR will be deployed. It is emphasized that KFOR conducts routine exercises in order to provide a timely response whenever necessary. KFOR notes that their mission operates in accordance with Resolution 1244 of the United Nations.

(September 22, 2023)

We're listening for the SBU, the Ukrainian Air Force, and the Ukrainian general staff. Also, kind of anything to do with Zelensky and the president's office. We're wanting to understand the Ukrainian army leadership and the intelligence community.
That's fun here in Washington, DC you met with the USSS. They work at the White House, for example. The United States Capitol Police work on Capitol Hill, etc.
I think the SSU and the SBU are the same thing.
Also, the border with Poland has a major city, Lviv.

This is me talking about the Ukrainian army. 9-21-23

Tony 61

The excitement, so to speak, seems to be about the winter months.
You wonder what will happen about Kiev this winter.
Poland and Bulgaria seem to want Kiev to surrender.
Notice this description of Tirana.
I wish the EU would stop expanding the Schengen agreement.
Taiwanese independence.
I wish Tashkent wouldn't export any energy to China.

[Poland will no longer give weapons to Ukraine Currently, Poland does not supply arms to Ukraine. This was stated by the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. His statement comes amid rising tensions over Ukrainian grain. "Ukraine is defending itself against Russia's brutal attack, and I understand this situation, but as I said, we will defend our country. We will no longer transfer weapons to Ukraine, because now we are arming Poland," he said in an interview with the Polsat TV channel. At the same time, he noted that Poland does not intend to hinder the work of the logistics center near Rzesz, through which military support is delivered to Ukraine. Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Poland has actively supported Kyiv. The country took in millions of Ukrainian refugees and provided a lot of military equipment and weapons. In total, since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Poland has sent more than 240 tanks and almost 100 armored vehicles to Ukraine. In addition, in July 2023, the media reported that Warsaw had secretly transferred about a dozen Mi-24 helicopters to Kyi. In May 2023, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced the transfer of 10 MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine. Earlier, Polish President Andrzej Duda said Warsaw would provide Kyiv with all available MiG-29s]

Equipment Donated to Hospitals in Two Bulgarian-Inhabited Villages in Albania

Bulgarian PM prepares for visit to Austria regarding Schengen

GENEVA, September 21. /TASS/. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky's peace plan has no chance of succeeding, Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis said, according to the Swiss Telegraphic Agency. Cassis believes that Zelensky's proposal for a peaceful resolution to the Ukrainian conflict is flawed because it lacks support from Russia. Unilateral peace plans have no chance of success unless they are implemented by force but Western countries don't want the conflict to turn into a war of an even greater scale, the top diplomat told reporters in New York.

HONGKONG, September 21. /TASS/. The Coast Guard of the Penghu Archipelago controlled by Taiwan has said it has detained a Chinese fishing boat.

Uzbekistan to reduce gas exports to China by 40%

[Is this the beginning of the end for Zelensky? Western support for Ukraine is beginning to weaken, the signing of peace with Russia will mark the end of Zelensky, says Bulgarian historian Alexander Sivilov. "Without the help of the West, Ukraine will end its participation in the war in the near future. But a much bigger problem will arise for Volodymyr Zelensky and his entourage. If he ends the war now, their lives are over, because they will be pursued by their own Nazis, they are now the most confident people fighting on the front against Russia," the historian said. Sivilov added that Ukrainian President is therefore doing everything possible to prolong the war. "At this session of the United Nations, we saw that the world's support for Zelensky is starting to decline rapidly. This was also noticeable based on the statements of the President of Colombia, who called for the immediate establishment of peace. This was also noticeable by the announcement of the Hungarian President, who did not speak specifically about the war, although there was also a call that it is better to end the war," the expert emphasized. According to him, she criticized the Ukrainian Government for not respecting the rights of ethnic minorities in Ukraine. The historian explained that the President of Hungary pointed out that 150 thousand Hungarians live in Ukraine and that this shows a worrying trend that has been talked about for a long time. "It is the idea that Ukraine ceases to exist and that countries like Poland and Hungary tear off parts of it where people live who, from their point of view, are their ethnic population," Sivilov pointed out. He emphasized that the beginning of the end has clearly started. "It sounds strange, but it seems that events are taking place in that direction. The expected incredible visit of Zelensky to the UN can turn into a serious fiasco," underlined Sivilov. In addition, he concluded, the UN itself is beginning to turn into a serious failure. Previously, Russia's permanent representative to the UN Vasiliy Nebenzya assessed that today's UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine was nothing more than a spectacle. The session of the 78th UN General Assembly, which brings together world leaders, prime ministers and heads of diplomacy from almost 200 countries, began in New York. A special high-level meeting of the UN Security Council is being held on September 20 and is dedicated to the armed conflict in Ukraine. The Russian delegation called the event a political performance in advance.]

(September 21, 2023)

"I didn't graduate from college at all. I work as a part time cook in Oregon. My dad married a woman from Hong Kong and now I have a sister, and additionally three brothers and sisters with this new wife." - Doug Galbraith.

A literal example is Welles and Galbraith.
I'm a Welles.
I know the Galbraith family tree.
The Galbraiths don't know the Welles family tree.
Yeah but Welles is a more famous name than Galbraith.

Scottish men do this.
If I say I am a member of this prestigious group.
He'll behave as though he is too.
"I'm a member of DC Phi Beta Kappa."
He'll say something as though he is also a member.
I guess that's how they make a living because they get jobs with high salaries.
People think they're geniuses and they're members of all these social clubs.

This is a fallacy:
Because it's the UN the German chancellor can visit New York City?

This is me talking about Olaf Scholz at the United Nations meeting. 9-20-23

William is not welcome in New York City. I want Kate to stop wearing her hat.
"No hats or British people in the bar!"

Maybe this means the Ukrainian general staff is thinking about surrendering if they need air defense systems so urgently.
The Bulgarian economy and the Ukrainian economy.
I wish the Schengen group would stop expanding.
A description of the Armenian police.
Maybe the Tajiks are Chinese communists.
I wish Tashkent didn't trade so much.
The German chancellor and him traveling to New York City.
I wish he wouldn't visit American cities.

[Stoltenberg at the UN: Ukraine urgently needs air defense systems "Ukraine urgently needs air defense systems, including ammunition, spare parts and support for the systems that the Ukrainian military already has", said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, quoted by Reuters. Stoltenberg said the war, now in its second year, was a "war of attrition" but not at a "stalemate" given the progress Ukraine had made in its counteroffensive to retake territory that began in June. occupied by Russian forces. "If we want an end to the war, if we want a just and lasting peace, military support for Ukraine is the right way," Stoltenberg said in New York, where he attended the annual session of the UN General Assembly. "Ukraine needs many and different types of support," he added. "The country has an urgent need for air defense, the NATO Secretary General pointed out. Not only new systems, but also ammunition, maintenance, spare parts. We see that every day in Ukraine air defense saves the lives of many people and we must support Ukraine's air defense systems", said Stoltenberg. Earlier yesterday, a senior US State Department official said strengthening Ukraine's air defense systems is key, including protecting critical infrastructure as winter approaches. Some military analysts say Ukraine may find it difficult to maintain momentum on the battlefield as cold and wet weather sets in. However, according to Stoltenberg, the fighting may continue in the fall and winter. "What we have to do is support the Ukrainians, and it's up to them what decisions they make on the ground," Stoltenberg said. The war of attrition is turning into a war of logistics, the NATO Secretary General stated.]

Socialists Propose to Parliament to Repeal Decision on Lifting Ukrainian Import Ban

Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Croatia adopt declaration on Schengen

[Armenian police unblock building of Russian embassy in Yerevan According to the video, police gave protestors some time to leave the area, and then started to detain those who refused to do so YEREVAN, September 20. /TASS/. Armenian police units dispersed a crowd that blocked the Russian Embassy in Yerevan in the early hours of Wednesday, detaining several protestors, according to footage aired by local news portals. According to the video, police gave protestors some time to leave the area, and then started to detain those who refused to do so.]

[MOSCOW, September 20. /TASS/. Russia urges Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to refrain from harsh statements and reckless steps regarding border settlement, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.]

Uzbekistan's august exports down 5.6%

[Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic attended the reception organized by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Germany's membership in the UN. He invited Scholz to visit Serbia in order to discuss in detail all issues of importance for the improvement of cooperation between the two countries.]

(September 20, 2023)

About London.
William will fly across the ocean to eat dinner. It's as though he's in New York City to visit a new restaurant.

Anthropologists talk about this. Literally in Africa, if someone saw a man walking. How could he tell if he was an American or a British guy?

Sometimes it's how they walk. Maybe he can hear it in his speech. I think the British, their brains. It's as though they really aren't thinking about anything.
"What are you thinking about?"
A British guy really isn't thinking anything. His brain is still.

Tony 60

1) If it were up to Moscow, what would the map look like about Ukraine?
2) How much longer do the Ukrainian general staff guys have in them here?

A few things already today.
I'm thoughtful about what the Russians are actually thinking. Is it their real intention to reclaim the whole of Ukraine as a part of Russia? I don't on my own know their ideal outcome here. Maybe they only have in mind certain regions of modern Ukraine. That's a real unknown. If it were up to Moscow, what would the map look like? Would anything remain of Ukraine as an independent entity?
I am hearing from Dom about kind of an in earnest military effort coming from the Russians. It's not clear to me their short term or long term objectives.

But, I'm also hearing about the Ukrainian general staff. I'm here in Washington, DC. I just wonder how much longer those guys can hang in there. I'm from Texas. We're pretty tough. In my mind the Ukrainian general staff would be wimpier than Americans.

This is a legitimate American perspective:
The Russias spanned from San Francisco to New England and around the Far East to Finland. Prague and Warsaw are sometimes Russian cities. Helsinki is sometimes a Russian city. Ivan was the Tsar of the Russias.
Maybe, Ukraine should have never been an independent country. Here in Washington, DC, it is a litany of crazy stuff I read about the incompetence of the Ukrainian government. Ireland is filled with Ukrainian refugees. Ukrainian refugees are refusing to leave hotels in Bulgaria. In Sophia there are now Ukrainian television stations. Isn't Ukraine kind of a German-like enclave of Russia? And then reading about their government. They would struggle with public sector stuff. Their army would have a controversial budget. How closely do they work with the German army?

September 19, 2023

Tony 59

I wish the EU wasn't expanding into the Balkans.
Can they wait until this round of the coronavirus is over?
Energy in Europe and if it's used for the army.
Also, energy in the winter months.
Energy for in the army in Ukraine during the winter months.
Supplying weapons to Ukraine during the winter months.
That's amazing in Tashkent they're reporting on a new coronavirus strain.

North Macedonia's Foreign Minister: Confidence in EU's Expansion to Be Restored Through 'Integration before Membership' Concept

Miners in Bulgaria will protest to preserve coal mining

MOSCOW, September 19. /TASS/. Ukraine has outpaced expectations and already accumulated enough gas, 14.7 bln cubic meters, in its storage facilities to make it through the heating season, the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy said.

UNITED NATIONS, September 19. /TASS/. Many countries are aware that Western countries supplying weapons to the Kiev authorities is hindering peaceful resolution to the Ukrainian crisis, Russia's First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dmitry Polyansky said in an interview with TASS.

The Sanepid Committee has responded to reports about a new coronavirus strain that has been detected in ten countries and has now entered Uzbekistan. This new strain, known as Pyrola, has been reported on social media as spreading widely.

Shocking twist: Ukrainian missile caused market tragedy VIDEO The New York Times announced that the information they have indicates that Ukraine, not Russia, is to blame for the massacre at the market in Kostyantynivka.

The Russians tell everyone to work harder when there is flu going around. We're supposed to work as though there isn't flu going around.

Tanks and helicopters in the army.
In the Vietnam War, they tried to take American infantrymen to the battle line using helicopters. And so maybe thousands of soldiers at a time would go in these short trips. It was in the jungle and there were Vietnamese, Laotians, and Cambodians opposing them.

Anti-aircraft weapons are like flamethrowers.
What if William or Harry were flying British helicopters near there?
Like landmines.
They seem to be inherently fascist weapons.
To begin with the Ukrainians are using a lot of German air force stuff.
Surface to air missiles.
They would have fired those at American planes flying over France.
The Ukrainian Air Force here reminds of the German army in the 1940s.
Then here is the S-300.
Lots of controversial weapons being fired.

[Ukrainian Missile may have caused the Tragedy in Kostiantynivka in which 15 People Died The attack on the market in Kostiantynivka in the Donetsk region on September 6, one of the deadliest since the start of the war in Ukraine, was most likely the result of a Ukrainian air defense missile being mistakenly fired. That's according to a New York Times visual investigation published last night. At least 15 were killed and 30 injured when the market was hit, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky blamed Russia two hours after the incident. The media in Moscow immediately shifted the blame to Kyiv. "Evidence collected and analyzed by The New York Times, including missile fragments, satellite images, witness accounts and social media posts, strongly suggests that the catastrophic strike was the result of a Ukrainian air defense missile fired by a Buk system", the paper reported. Witnesses are said to have heard or seen Ukrainian forces firing an anti-aircraft missile from Druzhkivka, 18km from Kostiantynivka, at the time of the strike. Evidence collected in the market indicates that precisely from this direction, i.e. from the northwest, came the missile. This, according to the media, can also be seen in the footage from a security camera, available from the moment of the explosion - the direction is from the territory controlled by Ukraine, and not from the side controlled by Russia. At the beginning of the video, passers-by even look in the direction the rocket is coming from. Ukrainian authorities initially tried to prevent "New York Times" journalists from gaining access to the wreckage. In addition, Kyiv previously said it would not investigate the incident as it was "obvious" that it was a Russian missile strike. These were two surface-to-air missiles, the launch of which was also heard by "New York Times" reporters who were in Druzhkivka at the time. Specifically, "Buk" missiles - which are used by both Ukraine and Russia - the unusually loud noise described by the locals during the launch can be connected (from their reports and publications on "Telegram" a conclusion can be drawn about the launch of missiles in the time around hit, shortly after 2 p.m. local time). In addition, the S-300 missile, used according to Ukraine, has a different warhead than the one that exploded in the Kostiantynivka market. Experts who wished to remain anonymous connect the debris on the market with a 9M38 missile fired from "Buk". An explosives expert explains that the hole formed and the damage in the area of the site also points to a northwesterly direction. "Why the missile with a maximum range of 30 km may have landed in Kostiantynivka is unclear, but it is possible that it failed and crashed without reaching its intended target," the American newspaper continued. In that case, it most likely also landed with unspent fuel in the engine, which would have exploded or burned on impact, which could explain the burn marks on the rocket. The strike coincides with an exchange of blows between Moscow and Kyiv for Kostiantynivka; the city was shelled by Russian forces the previous evening. In a Telegram group, artillery fire was reported minutes before the tragic events at the market.]
(September 19, 2023)

This is about the drones and military items in Ukraine.
It seems like it's affecting countries in the Balkans.
The agricultural stuff.
Conceptually have the events in Ukraine directly affect the Bulgarian economy.
Drones everywhere.
The Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian officer corps.
More Ukrainian military action.

[A specialized team from the Navy neutralized at 11:00 a.m. today, September 18, the explosive found that night near Tyulenovo, reported the Ministry of Defense. After the received signal, the servicemen carried out a site inspection where it was determined that an 82mm high-explosive mortar was attached to the remains of the drone. It has been estimated that due to its severely damaged condition, moving and transporting the ammunition to a landfill or other suitable disposal site is impossible. It was decided to destroy the mortar high-explosive ammunition on the spot, with a controlled explosion in a secured area with a radius of 150 m. People living in the nearby buildings are warned to strictly observe the safety measures indicated to them.]

Protesting Farmers Block Major Road Junctions, Border Crossings

Bomb-carrying drone found near the village of Tyulenovo

MOSCOW, September 18. /TASS/. The Ukrainian cabinet of ministers has fired six deputy defense ministers and the agency's state secretary, Taras Melnichuk, representative of the government in the Ukrainian parliament, said.

MOSCOW, September 18. /TASS/. Russia's battlegroup Center repelled two Ukrainian attacks in the Krasny Liman area near the Torsky line of engagement, destroying up to 60 enemy servicemen, the battlegroup's spokesman Alexander Savchuk reported.

(September 18, 2023)

It's so we can learn. If in London they've been like Alex and Gino. They are like out there sick men. And then it's ignore the Russian diaspora in other major cities.

I'm having to sell here my own assessment.
The NHL and Tom Wilson and Evgeni Malkin.
They all agree that hockey players are supposed to have knee surgery.
And then after the knee surgery, even though these guys are foreigners.
They are supposed to be paid $5m and $7m annually to play.
Even though they're overweight and they drink beer.
I am trying to sell that knee surgery seems like it won't work.
It's probably illegal to go to foreign countries to get knee surgery.
It seems like a lot of money we're paying foreigners anyway to play in our league.

Evgeni Malkin is from the Ural mountains. His relatives played hockey in Russia. His wife is named Anna Kasterova. She is from Moscow.
Evgeni has a tattto and he had knee surgery.
I've never done it with a guy who had knee surgery. I think men who have knee surgery, kind of aren't supposed to anymore.
It's a deers and steers observation about Russian hockey players and women from Moscow.

What brought you to Washington, DC?
I was a Georgia Tech fellow at the Department of Commerce.
[Another question...]

In California wealthy women spend the day at the beach.
In Washington, DC they want women to be the supreme allied commander.
Because the men live in a swamp and they're disabled.

This is me talking about the defense posture. 9-17-23

Tony 58

These are descriptions of the Chinese officer corps, the Chinese economy, and the German economy. Looks like London and New York are pulling ahead in the race.

[China's Defense Minister Li Shangfu, who has been absent from public view for weeks, is currently being investigated by Chinese authorities, according to sources familiar with the matter. The investigation into Li relates to the procurement of military equipment, according to a regional security official and three people in direct contact with the Chinese military. Reuters was unable to obtain details on which equipment purchases were under scrutiny.]

[What anger over top influencer says about China today One of China's most popular influencers has come under fire for dismissing a young follower's complaint over high makeup prices as "nonsense". Livestreamer Li Jiaqi's retort - that those who couldn't afford the 79 yuan ($11) eyebrow pencil did not work "hard enough" - struck a raw nerve as China's youth struggle to find jobs in a sputtering post-pandemic economy. The 31-year-old has apologised but his remarks continue to fuel debate. "What stung people was not the 79 yuan price tag, but your attitude and opinions on us," reads a comment on Weibo, which has been liked thousands of times. "You don't know about the current economic climate. Many people are still working hard and struggling, just to keep their jobs," it read.]

[Are German cities really offering people free transport if they hand in their driving licence?]

(September 16, 2023)

This is me talking about the Chinese officer corps. 9-16-23

The world's hottest place is in California. That's how hot it is in Texas.
It's really funny to me about the hockey team and the cold weather jokes.

This seems to be about - Moscow and China, and - sanctions.
At Georgia Tech I did research on the Amur River dispute.
That's a hot topic.
It will always be a hot topic.
That's honest money.
The border between Russia and China is honest work.
1) Maybe it will assist the Russian army in the Far East if they work with Pyongyang.
2) Also, you wonder if the sanctions limit Russia' ability to defend itself in the Far East.

[Live: North Korea's Kim Jong Un inspects nuclear-capable bombers during Russia visit North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspected Russian nuclear-capable bombers and other warplanes in Russia's Far East on Saturday as he continued a trip that has sparked Western concerns about an arms alliance that could fuel Russian President Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine. Follow our live blog for all the latest developments on the war in Ukraine. All times are Paris time (GMT+2). 6:14am: North Korea's Kim Jong Un inspects Russian nuclear-capable bombers on a visit to Russia's Far East North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspected Russian nuclear-capable bombers and other warplanes in Russia's Far East on Saturday as he continued a trip that has sparked Western concerns about an arms alliance... ]

[Kim meets Russian defence minister, inspects missile and warship Moscow (AFP) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrived in Vladivostok on Saturday where he met Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu and inspected a hypersonic aircraft missile system before boarding a warship. Kim's first official visit abroad since the Covid-19 pandemic has fanned Western fears that Moscow and Pyongyang will defy sanctions and strike an arms deal. Moscow is believed to be interested in buying North Korean ammunition to continue fighting in Ukraine, while Pyongyang wants Russia's help to develop its missile programme.]
(September 16, 2023)

Anastasia is from Zurich. She is Russian. What does she think..
About Ukraine?
She has two kids and Alex Ovechkin is the father.

Анастасия из Цюриха. Она русская. Что она думает..
Об Украине?
У нее двое детей, отец - Алекс Овечкин.