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This is me talking about Serbia. 7-23-24

This is about air force strategy in Europe.

ALGERIA, July 22. /TASS/. State Duma members and Algerian lawmakers have reached an agreement on the creation of a high-level commission for discussing the development of relations between the parliaments, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin told reporters following his visit to Algeria.

WASHINGTON, July 22. /TASS/. Amid geopolitical and climatic changes the Arctic is becoming a region of strategic confrontation for the US, the US Department of Defense said in a new Arctic Strategy.

The American company Honeywell Aerospace will produce components for aviation engines in Burgas, said the company managers and representatives of Burgas Municipality after a meeting on Monday. The company specialises in the provision of engineering services and the creation of various consumer products and aerospace systems. The delegation from the USA was received by Mayor Dimitar Nikolov, who guaranteed full assistance from the administration for the future plans of the American company.

Slovakia has received the first two of its 14 new F-16 fighter jets on Monday, which are set to replace the MiG-29s previously donated to Ukraine. This acquisition is part of a 2018 deal valued at approximately 1.6 billion dollars. The remaining 12 jets are expected to arrive by the end of 2025.

These are examples of domestic policies in Uzbekistan.

Tashkent to remove illegal outdoor ads

Over 800 prisoners receive training certificates

Can teachers without b2 level certificate teach foreign language?

Uzbek government introduces single online platform to provide tickets

Fake trainers to be fined in Uzbekistan

Maybe these spies were trained by the Germans.

Krušik Valjevo is a Serbian state-owned company specialising in the manufacture of rockets, mortars, grenades, and other high explosives. The company was founded in 1939 in the former Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The Krušik factory was destroyed by NATO bombs in 1999.

We are an advanced technology solutions team. Advanced Technology Services Group will help you to GET IT DONE with passionate, customer-focused people, smart tools, and business-friendly technology solutions.

Spy network in Serbia broken In the operation of Security Information Agency, VBA, Ministry of Interior and Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Valjevo, a spy group was broken up that for a long period of time was giving military and other confidential information to a foreign country. In the operation of the Security Information Agency, the VBA, the Ministry of Interior and the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Valjevo, a spy group was broken up that for a long period of time was giving military and other confidential information to a foreign country from "Krušik" in Valjevo. The three detained engineers were engaged in this illegal operation, which caused great damage to the state and military security of Serbia, reports Novosti.

The spies from "Krušik" were detained: They revealed military secrets to foreigners In today's search of the apartments of three engineers in Valjevo, who are suspected of having long been divulging military secrets from the "Krusik" factory to a foreign country, a large number of documents were seized. Moreover, mobile phones, laptops, hard drives, flash drives, and a certain amount of money, which is assumed to be a reward for espionage activities have been confiscated - "Novosti" has learned unofficially. According to well-informed sources, in the home of suspect D.M,. who was handed a decision on police detention for 48 hours, more than 10,000 euros and about 20,000 dinars in cash were found and that amount was temporarily confiscated. Also, the contract on his employment with the foreign company "ATS Group", which deals with the production of weapons and military equipment, was seized. In the apartment of the second suspect M.O., according to "Novosti", documents from "Krušik" were found about the so-called low-smoke powders, marked "Official secret - confidential". which is treated as a trade secret according to the "Krušika" regulations, as well as about 2,000 euros in cash. The third suspect, D.L., admitted that he cooperated with the company "ATS Group" from North Macedonia, which produces weapons and military equipment, and he was served with a decision on police detention.

This is me talking about Morgan Wallen. 7-22-24

The USSS is covered in tattoos and they rent golf carts when the president goes golfing. Who then could be the director?

WASHINGTON, July 22. /TASS/. US Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle repeatedly was unable to answer a question if the shooter at Donald Trump’s Pennsylvania rally acted alone or had accomplices.

WASHINGTON, July 22. /TASS/. US Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle confirmed that her agency denied numerous requests for reinforcement of Republic Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s security before the recent assassination attempt.

This is me talking about Newcastle FC. 7-22-24

This is me talking about Bournemouth. 7-22-24

This is evidence of American economic activity in the Balkans.

Bulgaria and US Partner on East-West Energy Corridor: $1.5 Million Grant Signed

US Trade and Development Agency to Sign Agreement with Bulgaria on USD 1.5 Mln Grant for East-West Energy Corridor Study

Beer from Bulgaria, Germany, Cyprus, the Netherlands and Romania featured at beer festival in Burgas

We're looking at a new economic landscape in the Balkans.

BELGRADE, July 22. /TASS/. Serbia intends to pursue its policy in line with the plans to join the European Union, but will maintain its stance on refusing to join anti-Russian sanctions, President Aleksandar Vucic told the Pink TV channel.

BELGRADE, July 22. /TASS/. Western countries are currently engaged in active preparations for entering into a direct conflict with Russia, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic believes.

MINSK, July 21. /TASS/. European Union countries are not keeping their promises to migrants and refugees, thus provoking a migration crisis on Belarus’ border with the European Union, chief of the Belarusian State Border Committee Konstantin Molostov said.

Market Opportunities: How Serbian and Slovenian Legislation Shape the Online Casino Industry Name two European countries that have identical gambling regulations – it's as easy as hitting a jackpot. This applies to both online gambling, lotteries, and playing in brick-and-mortar casinos. Serbia and Slovenia are not exceptions.

Vučić: I've been listening to "You won't be able to sit on two chairs" for 12 years, we only have one chair" Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić addresses the nation, discussing on current topics.

Memorandum of Understanding between Serbia and the EU regarding mineral resources signed German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is in Belgrade, where he will attend the Summit on Strategic Raw Materials. He was welcomed by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, at Nikola Tesla Airport last night.

The Serbian police caught the gunman who killed their policeman.

It's confirmed: Faton Hajrizi, the killer of a policeman from Loznica, has been liquidated The killer of police officer Faton Hajrizi was killed in an abandoned factory not far from the place where he killed policeman Nikola Krsmanović (34) and wounded Vjekoslav Ilić (50) 36 hours ago.

This is me talking about Eddie Howe. 7-21-24

I think Eddie agreed to work as the new men's team coach. And now he has reneged. It's as if these British guys will take the winnings but they won't pay their debts.

Howe has not closed the door on considering the England job. But neither has said that all is totally smooth going at Newcastle. Howe has leverage and strength because of the England link - and waved his power on Friday by telling Newcastle he needs to be kept “happy”.

The Cowardly Lion is a character in the fictional Land of Oz created by American author L. Frank Baum. He is depicted as an African lion, but like all animals in Oz, he can speak.

This is me talking about Evan. 7-21-24

Espionage is a French word.
I think the Russians are saying that he is a foreigner and it's illegal what he's doing. Maybe he's abusing remote work.

This is me talking about Canada. 7-21-24

This is an example of anti-American rhetoric. Because he's complaining about American big business. And I guess the navy.

Before they set sail, Mr Clibbery, a Canadian, said in a video posted on April 12: “We’re doing everything we can to show that you can travel without burning fossil fuels.” A couple who embarked on a “green odyssey” across the Atlantic were found dead in a lifeboat after being forced to abandon their wind and solar-powered yacht. Sarah Packwood, 54, from Warwick, and Brett Clibbery, 70, were reported missing on June 18 after leaving Nova Scotia, Canada, in their 42-ft sailing boat, Theros, a week earlier. They were en route to the Azores. Their two bodies were finally found on a three-metre liferaft last week, after it washed ashore on Sable Island, 180 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia.

This is me talking about the Black Sea. 7-21-24

Sochi 1

This is me talking more about Allen Dulles. 7-20-24

This is me talking about Allen Dulles. 7-20-24

The DOS is right that Evan isn't guilty of espionage. But, he might be in Russia illegally because he doesn't have enough education to work abroad. There should be some effort in understanding why Evan was arrested. It doesn't help to just rally behind the State Department.
Like in English literature the army wants to swim in the Ganges.
I live near the Congress. Sometimes they side against these guys because they charge them with desertion.
We're waiting for Evan to be prisoner swapped.

Bergdahl was tried by general court-martial on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, and on October 16, 2017, he entered a guilty plea before a military judge at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

This is me talking about the USSS. 7-20-24

This is me talking about China's Sichuan province. 7-20-24

If Russian foreign policy is dance fighting. Are they 'mad'? Maybe this sentence is a response to the NATO Summit last week. Also this mall is near the border with Burma. Burma is now on the Mir payment card network.

Espionage cases often take months to handle and the unusual speed at which his trial was held behind closed doors - Friday's hearing was only the third in the trial - has stoked speculation that a long-discussed U.S.-Russia prisoner exchange deal involving him and potentially other Americans detained in Russia may be in the offing. The Kremlin, when asked by Reuters on Friday about the possibility of such an exchange, declined to comment: "I'll leave your question unanswered," said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. The U.S. embassy, also on Thursday, said: "Regardless of what Russian authorities claim, Evan is a journalist. He did not commit any illegal actions. Russian authorities have been unable to provide evidence that he committed a crime or justification for Evan's continued detention." U.S. officials have repeatedly accused Russia of using Gershkovich and Whelan as bargaining chips for a possible prisoner exchange.

Gaming startups in Türkiye continue to attract attention in the startup ecosystem with investment agreements, as another venture has managed to raise a notable capital in a fresh investment round.

At least 16 people have died following a fire at a shopping centre in the city of Zigong in China's Sichuan province, according to state media. Thirty people were saved on Wednesday evening, reports said. The fire has been extinguished and the rescue efforts ended overnight. While the specific cause of the blaze is still unclear, preliminary investigation suggests it was started by construction work at the building. Footage broadcast by China's state media and on social media showed thick black smoke towering above the 14-storey building.

This is me talking about Viktor Orban. 7-19-24

1) How Hungary and Slovakia are mysterious and controversial because of these reports about Lukoil.
2) This is a typo in the Russian news.

BUDAPEST, July 19. /TASS/. Hungary considers Ukraine’s actions to ban oil supplies from Russia unfriendly and will raise this issue on July 22 at a meeting of the EU Council at the level of foreign ministers in Brussels, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told reporters. When asked to comment on sanctions Ukraine imposed against the Russian company Lukoil, which supplies oil through the southern branch of the Druzhba pipeline to Hungary and Slovakia, he said: "We pointed out to the Ukrainian authorities that this is an incomprehensible, unacceptable and unfriendly decision on their part."

WASHINGTON, July 19. /TASS/. The current global IT outage was not cause by a deliberate attack, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.

This is me talking about Morgan Wallen. 7-19-24

This is me talking about Harry's book. 7-19-24

This is me talking about the UN Headquarters building. 7-19-24

The Serbians and Russians corrupt the economies in the Balkans.

Kilometre-long queues form daily during the summer season at the border crossing between Serbia and Bulgaria at the Kalotina checkpoint, delaying border crossings for hours. Apart from the unpleasant and exhausting wait for travellers from Western Europe to Bulgaria, the heavy traffic is a serious obstacle for people from the Bulgarian national minority in Serbia living in the border town of Caribrod (Tsaribrod). Because of the huge queues of cars, they cannot communicate normally with Bulgaria. And the lack of livelihoods in their region forces many of them cross the border to work in Bulgaria.

The search for the man who killed border police officer Nikola Krsmanović and seriously wounded his colleague Vjekoslav Ilic yesterday in Loznica is still ongoing. The shooting happened when the policemen, during a routine control, stopped a vehicle with Tutin registrations. Both the left and right banks of the Drina are being searched, and helicopters and drones are involved in the search.

I'm glad I'm not in Kharkov Region.

LUGANSK, July 18. /TASS/. There is a significant increase in the number of French mercenaries operating in the Kharkov Region, said Yevgeny Lisnyak, deputy head of the regional military-civil administration.

TBILISI, July 18. /TASS/. The Georgian opposition is preparing to declare the parliamentary elections, which are scheduled for October 26, as illegitimate, Georgian Parliament Speaker Shalva Papuashvili said on Georgia’s Imedi television.

This is a strange report coming from New York City. Maybe election gambling is illegal. The Russian journalists there might be there illegally.

NEW YORK, July 18. /TASS/. Data from two betting services are showing US Vice President Kamala Harris as the favorite to be Democratic presidential nominee, Newsweek reported. One of the services, Polymarket, gives her the odds of 45%, up from 40% for incumbent President Joe Biden. Also, the betting services Bet 365 and SkyBet see the chances of Harris to win the race, if she is nominated, double as high as the chances of the current president.

BERLIN, July 18. /TASS/. The German authorities continue to reject proposals for an open international investigation into the terrorist attacks on Nord Stream and are pushing away this issue in every possible way, Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergey Nechaev said in an interview with TASS.

This is me talking about Georgetown University. 7-18-24

This is me talking about the Russian police. 7-18-24

It seems like Evan is guilty of immigration law violations. He doesn't have much education. Then how can he do the stuff they're saying? The British are reporting how the Russian police are weirdos.

UNITED NATIONS, July 18. /TASS/. Russia has irrefutable proof of The Wall Street Journal journalist Evan Gershkovich’s spying activities, and the question of his potential exchange is being discussed at the level of Russian and US intelligence agencies in accordance with the agreements, achieved at the highest level, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

The Russian military has introduced training for English speakers who want to fight for Moscow in Ukraine, according to a Manchester man serving in the Kremlin’s army.

Reports about the economy in the Balkans.

Bulgarian Employers Demand Urgent Action on Soaring Electricity Prices

Bulgarians Rank Among the Least Satisfied with Free Time in the EU

On Thursday, President of Serbia will attend the summit of the European political community in the birthplace of W. Churchill near London, the largest gathering of European leaders in the last few years.

These are ominous reports about the Pacific.

Russia, North Korea concerned over NATO’s plans to expand to Asia Pacific — statement US informs Iran about detecting its suspicious nuclear activities — Axios According to its sources, the warning was sent in June "both through a third country and direct channels"

This is me talking about the White House. 7-17-24

This is me talking about Uzbek immigrants in London. 7-17-24

How there are Hungarians in New York City complaining about the sanctions. I think if they're communists, they're not allowed to be in New York City.

Hungary Seeks to Mediate Peace in Ukraine Despite Criticism

GROZNY, July 17. /TASS/. Despite Europe’s latest sanctions, Russia can still sell its liquefied natural gas (LNG) to other consumers, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak told TASS Director General Andrey Kondrashov in an interview.

UNITED NATIONS, July 17. /TASS/. Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto criticized European Union’s attempts to prohibit his country from engaging in contacts with Moscow in order to settle the conflict in Ukraine, and said his country rejects such policies.

UNITED NATIONS, July 16. /TASS/. The failed sanctions policy has hit the European economy more than the Russian economy, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told reporters.

A commentary on Eastern Europe and Central Asia. If the parents don't take their kids to swimming lessons.

Tragic Drownings in Ruen and Sozopol: Two Lives Lost

UN: Uzbekistan's population to double by 2100

All flights from Urganch Airport will be redirected to Nukus Airport Due to temporary closure of Urgench International Airport for reconstruction from July 20 to August 7, all scheduled flights from Urgench will be transferred to Nukus International Airport. For the convenience of passengers, free shuttle service is provided between Nukus and Urgench airports. Buses take passengers to the destination airport both on departure and arrival.

BELGRADE, July 16. /TASS/. Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Milan Mojsilovic said a meeting with Defense Attache of the Russian Federation in Belgrade Gennady Mozhayev that the Serbian army was ready for any form of cooperation with Russia in order to strengthen peace and stability, according to a statement from the Serbian Defense Ministry’s press office.

Terrible violence in Belgrade: Father beat his son (5); The boy was admitted to the hospital with bruises Police in Belgrade detained I.A. (40) last night on suspicion of beating his five-year-old son in the apartment, "Telegraf.rs" learns.

This is me talking about Eddie Howe. 7-16-24

This is me talking about the Washington Post. 7-16-24

This is me talking about the Mir payment system. 7-16-24

The intention of this Hungarian program is to attract foreign investors.

The current investment immigration program is not the first such program implemented in Hungary, and just like the last one, it is expected to attract many Chinese, Russian, and Arabic investors. The new program is officially called guest investor program, but informally it is often referred to as Hungarian golden visa.

Slovak legislature refuses to consider condemning alleged Russian strike on Kiev hospital 78 votes were required to put the resolution on the agenda and only 41 lawmakers voted in favor of the move

The rivalry between Washington and the east. These Russian guys in these Burmese restaurants, etc.

DUBAI, July 16. /TASS/. At least four people got killed and several were injured in a shooting near a mosque in Oman, the police of Oman said on its X page. The investigation is underway. No further details have been provided yet.

NBC reported that the Secret Service, a few days before Trump’s rally, marked the rooftop of the building as potential vulnerability in ensuring the security of the former president. Even so, there was no local law enforcement near the building at the time of the assassination attempt.

A comment about Russian studies. Maybe Leninists get the Mir payment cards and they can travel abroad. White Russians don't get the cards.

BANGKOK, July 16. /TASS/. The Mir payment system has started limited functioning in certain restaurants and shopping centers in Myanmar, the Russian Embassy in the country told TASS. "We can confirm at the moment that the Mir card system has started limited functioning in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar: in certain restaurants and retail centers. We expect its expansion in the near time. We expect the event will have a positive effect for the tourist flow and provide Russian nationals with the comfortable stay in the country," the diplomatic mission said. Myanmar has become the thirteenth country where the Mir cards are operating further to Russia. Six more countries are ready to a dialog on their use.

MOSCOW, July 15. /TASS/. A total of 150,000 Russian citizens were conscripted for military service in the spring draft, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on Monday.

This is me talking about Novak. 7-15-24

Remember Novak Djokovic didn't get the vaccine. But now he had knee surgery. Maybe the Russians living in Syria have kids and they don't get childhood vaccinations.

Half a Million Children in European Region Not Fully Vaccinated in their First Year of Life

ISTANBUL, July 14. /TASS/. Turkey hopes that its President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s call for the normalization of relations with Syria will be heeded in Damascus and counts on Russia and Iran’s constructive role in this process, Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said.

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, traveled to Egypt, where he began a two-day visit, and this evening he posted an Instagram message from the plane.

This is me talking about Washington, DC. 7-14-24

This is me talking about Bastille Day. 7-14-24

This is me talking about the Russian border with Finland. 7-13-24

How I don't want to go out to eat because I don't want to eat this cooking oil.

Russia ran a budget deficit of around 3.2 trillion rubles ($36 billion) in 2023, equivalent to two percent of GDP. Putin on Friday signed into law a set of amendments to Russia's tax code that includes increases on income taxes for high earners and corporate taxes paid by businesses in a bid to help plug the fiscal hole.

Finnish legislators approved a controversial bill that will enable border guards to reject third-country migrants attempting to enter from Russia, as Helsinki claims Moscow is encouraging migrants to flock its borders.

China rocked by cooking oil contamination scandal The Chinese government says it will investigate allegations that fuel tankers have been used to transport cooking oil after carrying toxic chemicals without being cleaned properly between loads. The controversy has spread online as social media users express concerns about potential food contamination. Tankers used for transporting fuel were found to be carrying food products, like cooking oil and syrup, and were not decontaminated correctly, according to state-run Beijing News. Transporting cooking oil in contaminated fuel trucks was said to have been so widespread it was considered an “open secret” in the industry, according to one driver quoted by the newspaper. The case is the latest blow to public trust in the Chinese government's ability to enforce food safety standards.

This is me talking about Syria. 7-12-24

This is me talking about Tashkent. 7-12-24

I guess Uzbek immigrants land at London airports.

Passenger traffic at Uzbekistan's airports grew 36% In the first half of 2024, 53.3 thousand flights were performed from the airports of Uzbekistan, of which 16.3 thousand - on domestic routes and 36.9 thousand - on international routes. The increase made up 37%, the press service of Uzbekistan Airports reports.

Albanians arrested, cocaine seized In cooperation with Federal Office for Customs and Border Security, the cantonal police of Zurich seized about 47 kilograms of cocaine at the airport in Zurich on Sunday and on that occasion arrested five persons of Albanian nationality, writes Gazeta Express. According to reports, cocaine was found and seized during the baggage check. The investigative units of the cantonal police of Zurich, which were immediately called in, arrested five suspects, aged between 25 and 40, all of whom are of Albanian nationality and live abroad.

How it seems easy to audit some of the bad actors in Eastern Europe.

Bulgarian Automotive Industry Contributes Over 10% to National GDP

Bulgaria and Turkey stand out with the lowest average annual net incomes in Europe, amounting to 9,355 euros and 8,968 euros respectively, according to data from Eurostat.

NATO countries reaffirm they will invite Ukraine when all conditions are met

Chad may scrap visas for Russians before end of 2024, diplomat says According to Adam Bechir Mahamoud, holders of diplomatic or service passports will get the privilege before the change can be made for ordinary citizens

This is me talking about Tony Diver. 7-11-24

This is me talking about President Vucic. 7-11-24

These are reports from Tashkent and Belgrade.

Why construction of China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railroad stopped?

BELGRADE, July 10. /TASS/. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said he would not allow the West to repeat aggression against his country, as it happened in 1999.

England's football team will play against Spain for the title of European champion on July 14 in Berlin after defeating the Netherlands 2:1 in Dortmund - after a turnaround.

Lots of reports about Poland because maybe there is army stuff in Minsk.

Newly appointed British Prime Minister Keir Starmer has indicated that Ukraine may utilize UK-supplied Storm Shadow missiles to target locations within Russia, according to reports from Sky News. Starmer made these remarks during a press briefing in Washington, where he is currently attending the NATO summit.

Poland's Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Gen. Veslav Kukula, emphasized the need for the country to prepare its military for a potential large-scale conflict rather than just asymmetric warfare. Speaking to Reuters, he stressed the importance of balancing border defense missions against Russia and Belarus with maintaining rigorous training within the army.

WASHINGTON, July 10. /TASS/. Poland will not satisfy Ukraine’s request to down missiles over its territory, unless NATO supports it, Polish Defense Minister Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz, who is currently at the NATO summit in Washington, said.

WASHINGTON, July 11. /TASS/. The United States’ Aegis Ashore missile defense site in Poland is already operational, NATO said in a press statement.

This is me talking about England's win. 7-10-24

This is me talking about the NATO summit. 7-10-24

The Russians are doing army stuff during the summit.

UPDATED Loud Explosions Heard in Odesa, City Under Ballistic, Cruise Missile Attack

"Alarming": Army on the border; Military exercise launched China and Belarus have started joint military exercises just a few kilometers from the Polish border. The maneuvers, entitled "Falcon Assault", will last until July 19 and take place at a training ground near the city of Brest, the Belarusian Ministry of Defense announced. The exercises began ahead of the NATO summit in Washington, where 32 member states - including Poland - will meet to discuss further military and financial support for Ukraine.

The Romanians detained a ship that had been in Sevastopol.

Fuming EU officials: "Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán has been zooming around like a cat on meth"

On Ukraine’s request, Romania detains cargo ship that called at Crimea’s Sevastopol The vessel was sailing from Moldova’s Danube River port of Giurgiulesti, which it left on July 3, when it was approached by a vessel and forced to anchor by Ukraine’s Reni port in the Odessa Region

This is me talking about Texas. 7-9-24

This is me talking about Chicago. 7-9-24

This is me talking about the NATO summit. 7-9-24

How the Russians have an ineffective banking system.

Bulgaria's full membership in Schengen will save the economy millions of euros

BRUSSELS/WASHINGTON, July 9. /TASS/. Confrontation with Russia and military support for Ukraine will be the main topics of the three-day NATO summit opening in Washington.

This is German hyperbole about tank warfare.

KURSK, July 9. /TASS/. The Russian air defense system shot down four aircraft-type unmanned aerial vehicles over the Kursk region, the acting governor of the region Alexey Smirnov reported in his telegram channel.

Russian troops training to target Abrams tanks’ soft spots — Defense Ministry

These are gross reports about Russian allies.

BRATISLAVA, July 8. /TASS/. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico who survived an assassination attempt in May has resumed his duties, Slovak Television reported.

Modi appreciates Putin's invitation to visit his residence

Indonesian authorities may grant visa-free travel to Russia, 19 other countries by October

EU Officials Concerned Over Orban's Self-Appointed Peacemaker Role

This is me talking about the banks. 7-8-24

This is me talking about the Russian Tu-22M3 bomber. 7-8-24

A spoof about consumer goods in Russia.

Meanwhile, Russia's Federal Security Service claims to have thwarted an attempt by Ukraine to commandeer a strategic Russian Tu-22M3 bomber and divert it to Ukraine, according to Reuters. The Russian Ministry reported that Ukrainian intelligence tried to recruit the pilot with promises of monetary reward and Italian citizenship. Allegedly, NATO country special services were involved in the operation, as per Russian assertions.

The correspondence revealed that the Ukroboronprom defense company was to pay $1 mln of this money. FSB video showed stacks of US cash.

Maybe elections in Bratislava are like a dystopian novel and so Robert Fico wins every time.

The Prime Minister's first appearance after the assassination attempt Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico appeared in public today, for the first time since he was assassinated in May. Fico, who is recovering after being shot four times at point-blank range in mid-May, was speaking at an evening ceremony marking Saints Cyril and Methodius Day, a national holiday in Slovakia, Reuters reported.

This is me talking about Viktor Orban. 7-7-24

How the Hungarian banking sector is networked with the OTS. And then the Kremlin is talking to Ankara about a meeting.

Bout was released back to Russia on 8 December 2022.

BUDAPEST, July 7. /TASS/. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is expected to arrive on a visit to Beijing on Monday, the Hungarian 444.hu news portal reported. Earlier this week, Orban visited Ukraine, Russia, and Azerbaijan, which hosted an informal summit of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS) on Saturday.

ANKARA, July 7. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin is looking at Turkey’s initiative to hold talks on the normalization of relations between Ankara and Damascus in Turkey, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

This is me talking about Catholic U. 7-7-24

This is me talking about Mystic River (2003). 7-7-24

The Clear, Hold, Build method was doctrinally established in FM 3-24 and endorsed by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in 2005.

"Is mommy modeling?" Russian women in Fairfax County, Virginia.
"Take, hold, build." American policy in the Iraq wars.

This is me talking about Dominic Nicholls. 7-7-24

The European Council is part of the executive of the European Union (EU), beside the European Commission.

The current Commission is the Von der Leyen Commission, which took office in December 2019, following the European Parliament elections in May of the same year.

This is me talking about Viktor Orban. 7-6-24

Maybe PM Orban is in Moscow illegally. Also, he is making kind of simple and not right comments. Maybe even anti-British comments.

GENEVA, July 6. /TASS/. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said he kept preparations for his visit to Russia under wraps. "That meeting was prepared in a totally secret way," he said in an interview with the Swiss news outlet Die Weltwoche. Following a trip to Kiev for talks with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Orban started to make plans to travel to Moscow, he said. The prime minister sent a "secret message" to Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, asking him to prepare a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Orban said all communications are under the surveillance of "big guys," so he kept a shroud of secrecy over the preparations.

GENEVA, July 6. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin is a more than 100% rational and punctual man, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said after visiting Moscow on Friday. "He is a more than 100% rational person. When he negotiates, when he starts to explain his point, when he makes proposals, saying yes or no, he is super rational," the prime minister said in an interview with Switzerland’s Die Weltwoche on board his plane.

GENEVA, July 6. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin rules "a real empire," Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said. Orban said that talking with the Russian president was "special."

This is me talking about Syria. 7-6-24

If not for the Russian navy base, the bodyguard would not have crashed the car. It's a skewed sense of men and women in Russian churches.

Orban's meeting with Putin on Ukraine peace deal is 'appeasement', EU leaders say Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the most Russia-friendly of all EU leaders, met with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Friday to discuss the war in Ukraine. The trip, which comes just a few days after Budapest took over the rotating EU presidency, has been slammed by the rest of the 27-nation bloc, who say it could undermine the EU’s stance on the more than two-year-long conflict.

DAMASCUS (AP) — A close adviser to Syrian President Bashar Assad has died after a car accident left her hospitalized for four days, the president’s office said Friday in a statement. Luna al-Shibl, a former journalist, had worked as the director of Assad’s political and media offices and as a special adviser to the president. She was slapped with U.S. sanctions in 2020 along with five other Syrian military, government and financial officials, and later was also sanctioned by the United Kingdom. Syria’s state-run news agency SANA reported Tuesday that al-Shibl had been in an accident that “caused the car she was in to swerve off the road, and she was subjected to several collisions.” She was hospitalized in Damascus and admitted to intensive care with “severe injuries” including a head hemorrhage.

This is me talking about the SCO. 7-5-24

This is me talking about Serbia. 7-5-24

This is me talking about Grant Shapps. 7-5-24

These are reports about Tashkent and Sofia. The Uzbeks and domestic policy.

Ministry of Health announces transition to electronic prescriptions

68 million soums fine for Umrah violations

Crypto Bloodbath: Bitcoin Plummets and Major Tokens Follow

How the SCO has strange right winger policies. Reports about the Black Sea and the Red Sea.

ASTANA, July 4. /TASS/. The member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) oppose the legalization of narcotic substances for non-medical purposes, the Astana Declaration of the SCO Council of Heads of State, signed in the Kazakh capital, says.

ASTANA, July 4. /TASS/. Member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) believe there can be no double standards in the fight against terrorism, as there is absolutely no justification for these acts, according to the Astana Declaration, approved on Thursday following the SCO Summit in Astana.

The Ukrainian province of Odesa was hit by drones overnight. Explosions were heard in the cities of Odesa and Chernomorsk, local Telegram channels reported.

NEW YORK, July 5. /TASS/. Over the past day, the US military destroyed a radar station of Yemen’s rebel Ansar Allah (Houthi) movement and two drone boats in the Red Sea. "In the past 24 hours US Central Command (USCENTCOM) forces successfully destroyed two Iranian-backed Houthi uncrewed surface vessels (USV) in the Red Sea and one Houthi radar site in a Houthi-controlled area of Yemen," the US Central Command said on the X social network.

This is me talking about Villanova University. 7-4-24

This is me talking about Philip Hammond. 7-4-24

This is me talking about Minsk. 7-4-24

How the holdouts in Eastern Europe don't have much education.

Djokovic: "I want to learn Russian" Our Novak Djokovic is a man with knowledge of numerous languages, which helped him win the audience's sympathy by speaking in the host language throughout his career.

The eastern city of Pokrovsk in Donetsk region is currently the focal point of hostilities between Russian and Ukrainian forces, with Russian troops attempting to breach Ukrainian defense lines. According to the 47th Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, cited by DPA, the situation is critically serious.

SIMFEROPOL, July 3. /TASS/. The Pentagon was clearly involved in Ukraine's missile strike on the Crimean Peninsula with US weapons, even if Kiev didn't ask the US for permission to conduct the attack, yet the Pentagon's involvement is obvious, the Head of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea (parliament), Vladimir Konstantinov, said.

ASTANA, July 4. /TASS/. Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev announced the admission of Belarus to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on Thursday.

WASHINGTON, July 3. /TASS/. The US Department of the Treasury added wordings related to the risk of secondary restrictions to sanction lists associated with Russia, according to the notice posted on their website.

Ukraine receives $288 million worth of military aid from Czech Republic’s own arsenals

A report about Tashkent. The Far East and Russian foreign policy.

Cabinet of Ministers approve changes for weapon permits

Tokyo refrains from commenting on meeting of Russian, Chinese leaders At the same time, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi emphasized that Japan will keep an eye on how the Russian-Chinese relations develop

ASTANA, July 3. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin is satisfied with growth of trade between Russia and China and he also states an increase in tourist flow between the two countries.

This is me talking about the Russian Ambassador to London Andrei Kelin. 7-3-24

The short list of Russian allies in Europe seems to be Belarus, Hungary, Serbia, and Slovakia.

MINSK, July 2. /TASS/. The so-called Russian and Belarusian volunteer corps took part in the recent attack on the Belgorod Region from Ukraine, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said.

Can Ambassador Kelin do the interview in French or Dutch? Supposedly he speaks four languages.

LONDON, July 3. /TASS/. Russian diplomats informed the British side about their view regarding the concept of creating a common security architecture in Eurasia, Russian Ambassador to London Andrey Kelin said in an interview with British broadcaster Sky News. "I think it will be a very serious settlement [in terms of security cooperation in Europe]. One of them is the settlement with Ukraine," the Russian ambassador said. "I do not know when and how [it happens] and that depends on many factors that mainly rely on the realistic approach by new leaders that are now emerging in Europe and [their assessment of] the real situation on the ground."

These are Kremlin projects that seem like bad foreign policy.

Russia's Ambitious Plan: New Space Station by 2030

Russian warships from the Russian Black Sea Fleet have recently arrived in Venezuela, as reported by global news agencies citing the Russian Ministry of Defense.

BANGKOK, July 2. /TASS/. The goals and tasks of BRICS are perfectly in line with Thailand’s foreign political endeavors, which is why the country’s decision to join the integration is a natural step, former Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to the Russian Federation Thanatip Upatising told TASS.

Last night, the Russian Black Sea port of Novorossiysk was attacked by surface drones, according to local authorities. Car traffic on the Crimean bridge, connecting the Russian-annexed Ukrainian peninsula with the Krasnodar region, was temporarily halted for about an hour.

VILNIUS, July 2. /TASS/. The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry said it issued a note of protest to a representative of the Russian Embassy in connection with an alleged breach of its airspace.

Face-ID infokiosks will be installed in Uzbekistan's prisons, allowing inmates and their families to shop online. The Cabinet of Ministers approved a plan to utilize prison facilities better and introduce modern technology. A commission will oversee the installation and is searching for investors. They need one year of e-commerce experience, software for Face-ID transactions, funds for all prisons, and logistical capability. Contracts with winning investors will run from 6 months to 3 years.

This is me talking about Viktor Orban. 7-2-24

The banks in Budapest maybe allow for high pensions in Serbia, for example.

IMF urges Bulgaria to raise social security contributions and pensions

VIENNA, July 2. /TASS/. The new European Parliament faction that has been announced by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban may take a constructive stance on the conflict around Ukraine, Gyorgy Varga, Hungarian expert in international relations and former head of an OSCE mission to Russia, told TASS.

BUDAPEST, July 2. /TASS/. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban arrived in Kiev on Tuesday morning for talks with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Orban’s press chief Bertalan Havasi announced.

The Russians are camped out at the UN building in New York City.

UNITED NATIONS, July 1. /TASS/. The conflict in Ukraine cannot be settled overnight, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said, commenting on former US President Donald Trump’s promises to resolve the Ukrainian crisis in 24 hours if elected US president again.

SEVASTOPOL, July 1. /TASS/. Russian air defenses shot down four aerial targets over the Balaklava neighborhood and the adjacent bay in the port city of Sevastopol, Governor Mikhail Razvozhayev said, citing preliminary data.

SEVASTOPOL, July 1. /TASS/. Ten apartments in two apartment buildings and eight private houses were damaged by the Ukrainian armed forces missile attack on Sevastopol on June 29, according to revised data, director of the city's internal policy department Sergey Bezdolny said at a meeting in the city government.

BEIRUT, July 2, /TASS/. Turkish army troops have suppressed an uprising by Syrian opposition fighters protesting Ankara closing checkpoints used by local smugglers in the north of Aleppo province.

This is me talking about Pat Tillman. 7-1-24

I side with Harry in this one. Harry is a veteran. He survived and he has written a book.

A report described in The Washington Post on May 4, 2005, prepared at the request of Tillman's family by Brigadier General Gary M. Jones, revealed that in the days immediately following Tillman's death, Army investigators were aware that Tillman had been killed by friendly fire, shot three times in the head at less than 10 yards away, according to Army doctors.

The mother of Pat Tillman, Mary, has now criticised the decision, reportedly telling the Mail on Sunday: “I am shocked as to why they would select such a controversial and divisive individual to receive the award. “There are recipients that are far more fitting. There are individuals working in the veteran community that are doing tremendous things to assist veterans.

This is me talking about the holiday this week. 7-1-24

An insane report about the Kremlin.

MOSCOW, June 29. /TASS/. The two rare Pungsan breed hunting dogs that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un presented to Russian President Vladimir Putin are adapting to life in Moscow, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told TASS.

The Pentagon has a relaxed schedule this week. They get Thursday and Friday off. If they work remotely, they maybe have kind of a summer break holiday all week. I think it's public sector corruption. East Coast mismanagement. And then these reports about the Pacific. Russian allies in Europe.

BEIJING, July 1. /TASS/. Chinese leader Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message to Samantha Mostyn over her assumption of office as the governor-general of Australia, and stated China’s readiness to establish a "more mature and fruitful" strategic cooperation with Australia, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

ASTANA, June 30. /TASS/. The Chinese leader Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to Kazakhstan on July 2-4 at the invitation of the president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, the press service of the Kazakh leader reported.

DUSHANBE, June 30. /TASS/. The Chinese leader Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to Tajikistan at the invitation of the republic’s President Emomali Rahmon on July 4-6, a source in the Tajik Foreign Ministry told TASS.

BUDAPEST/BRUSSELS, July 1. /TASS/. Hungary begins its six-month presidency in the European Council amid serious disagreements with the EU management on a number of issues, including in regards to the conflict in Ukraine and migration. On July 1, it will succeed Belgium, and, in late December, it will hand over the presidency to Poland.

BELGRADE, June 30. /TASS/. The West is interested in Russia’s territories and its rich resources and cares little about losses among both Ukrainians and Russians in the conflict zone, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said.

The world is watching mismanagement at the White House.

WASHINGTON, July 1. /TASS/. US President Joe Biden’s assistants seek to thwart the calls for Biden’s removal from the presidential race from fellow party members after his failure at the recent televised debates with ex-President Donald Trump, The Washington Post reported.

This is me talking about the English men's team. 6-30-24

1) Ukraine seems to have two fronts, the Black Sea and eastern Ukraine near the border with Russia.
2) The Russians (1) don't have army medical equipment, and (2) they send untrained infantrymen across the border. That explains the British army casualty figures.

Anthony Joshua height 6′ 6″ / 198cm
Residence London, United Kingdom

Campbell Hatton height 5′ 6″ / 168cm
Residence Hyde, United Kingdom

This is me talking about eastern Ukraine. 6-30-24

The Russian army might not have modern healthcare.

Emergency rooms and ambulances need express diagnostics devices for cardiovascular events

Over the past day, Russian forces have intensified their offensive actions in the Kharkiv direction, seeking to breach Ukrainian defenses. Despite attempts by the 153rd tank regiment and the 47th tank division to advance in Vovchansk's residential areas, Ukrainian troops repelled these efforts, Sarantsev noted.

The Kremlin might disagree with London fundamentally on what is illegal.

UNITED NATIONS, June 28. /TASS/. Attempts to suspend Russia’s membership in Interpol deserve an international assessment, Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev told Russian reporters on the sidelines of the United Nations Chiefs of Police Summit 2024. "At every opportunity, we tell the UN leadership that such attempts do take place and they should somehow react to this situation," he said. "There should be an international assessment of all such attempts," he said. In his opinion, developments of this kind will only benefit organized crime.

More than 30,000 foreigners who recently acquired Russian citizenship but failed to register for military service have been identified and added to mobilization lists, according to Alexander Bastrykin, chairman of the Investigative Committee, as reported by Russian news agency Interfax on Thursday.

A comment on inflation in Eastern Europe.

EU fails to approve measures to allocate $50-billion loan to Kiev — EC president

This is me talking about money lending in Ukraine. 6-28-24

The U.S. Secret Service scandal is expanding. Agents may also have caroused with prostitutes or strippers in El Salvador in 2011, Argentina in 2009.... That’s according to a series of media reports in recent days that seem to cast doubt on what had been the prevailing message: the Colombia incident was isolated and not indicative at all of a college of boys gone wild.

This is me talking about Bolivia. 6-27-24

1) A commentary about modern Russia. If the men are well spoken. For example, maybe the Duma has a lot of elected members from Kazakhstan.
2) The army and weapons aimed at Odessa and Sevastopol.
3) The police in the Caucasus region are accusing each other of taking Russian money.

International Forum on the Cyrillic Alphabet Opens in Sofia

MOSCOW, June 26. /TASS/. The military gathered at the government building in Bolivia’s de-facto capital city of La Paz, and the former Army Commander Juan Jose Zuniga announced that he intends to "take the Homeland back." President of Bolivia Luiz Arce announced "strange moves of certain Army units" and called to honor democracy.

Poland and Baltic States Urge EU Defense Line Against Russia and Belarus

Odesa Region Hit by Drones

MOSCOW, June 27. /TASS/. It is impossible to resume the arms control dialogue after the United States’ involvement in strikes on Sevastopol, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said.

BAKU, June 26. /TASS/. Azerbaijani Presidential Aide Hikmet Hajiyev warned Armenia against hopes to exact a revenge, in a statement that came after an Armenian security official accused Russia of siding with Azerbaijan. Armenian Security Council Secretary Armen Grigoryan said earlier on Wednesday that Russia "handed Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijan."

This is me talking about Syria. 6-26-24

I would like (1) the Russians to leave Syria, and for (2) these attacks in the Gulf of Aden to stop.

US coalition's drone flies too close to Russian plane in Syria — top brass According to Yury Popov, a pair of the coalition’s F-15, a pair of F-16 and a pair of Rafale fighter jets violated Syria’s airspace in the al-Tanf area, across which international air routes run, six times during the day MOSCOW, June 25. /TASS/. A US-led coalition’s MQ-9 Reaper drone dangerously approached a Russian fighter jet in Syria’s Homs governorate, Yury Popov, deputy chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Parties in Syria (a division of the Russian defense ministry), said on Tuesday. "From 1:45 p.m. to 1:53 p.m. Moscow time (10:45 a.m. - 10:53 a.m. GMT) on June 25, a coalition’s MQ-9 Reaper reconnaissance combat unmanned aerial vehicle dangerously approached a Russian Su-34 plane making a planned flight over Syria at an altitude of from 7,000 to 8,000 meters," he said, adding that the Russian pilot demonstrated high professionalism and took timely measures to prevent a collision. According to Popov, a pair of the coalition’s F-15, a pair of F-16 and a pair of Rafale fighter jets violated Syria’s airspace in the al-Tanf area, across which international air routes run, six times during the day. Apart from that, in his words, four violations of the deconfliction protocols of December 9, 2019 linked with the flights by the US-led coalition unmanned aerial vehicles were reported in Syria in the past 24 hours. One Syrian solder was wounded as a result of sniper fire at the positions of Syrian government troops near the settlement of Kafer Nebel in the Idlib governorate.

Russia backs Syria’s demand for withdrawal of illegal troops, envoy says According to Vasily Nebenzya, Russia believes that "it’s only possible to achieve sustainable unity in the Syrian Arab Republic by putting an end to foreign military presence." UNITED NATIONS, June 26. /TASS/. Russia backs Syria’s demand that all troops illegally present in the country must be withdrawn, Moscow's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said.

WASHINGTON, June 25. /TASS/. The conflict in Ukraine was the focus of a phone call between US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Russian Defense Minister Andrey Belousov, Pentagon Spokesman Patrick Ryder said.

British agency reports another incident off coast of Yemen Accordint to UKMTO, the master of a merchant vessel reported a missile impacted the water in close proximity to the vessel, the crew are reported safe LONDON, June 26. /TASS/. A vessel has come under attack 52 nautical miles from the Yemeni city of Aden, the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) said in a statement. "UKMTO has received a report of an incident 52 nautical miles south of Aden, Yemen. The master of a merchant vessel reported a missile impacted the water in close proximity to the vessel. The crew are reported safe and the vessel is proceeding to its next port of all," the statement reads. UKMTO recommended that vessels "transit with caution and report any suspicious activity.".

Russia Bans Access to 81 European Media Outlets, Including Bulgarian Publications Moscow announced on Tuesday its decision to block access to 81 prominent European media outlets across Russia. This move comes in retaliation to European Union sanctions that restrict the distribution of Russian TV channels and internet media due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry clarified that the banned publications include leading media from over 20 countries. Among them are well-known outlets such as Germany's "Spiegel" and "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", Spain's "El Mundo" and "El Pais", France's "Le Monde", "Libération", and Agence France Presse, Italy's "La Stampa" and "La Repubblica", as well as Brussels-based publications like "Politico" and "EUObserver". Two Bulgarian media outlets, "Mediapool" and "24 Chasa", are also listed in Moscow's blacklist, alongside other international media that have been critical of Russian policies or reported extensively on the conflict in Ukraine. The tit-for-tat measures highlight escalating tensions between Russia and the EU, with both sides resorting to media restrictions as part of broader diplomatic and economic sanctions imposed since Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014 and its invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

This is me talking about Hungary. 6-25-24

The group over here and the sanctions teams. And the holdouts in the Balkans. Belgrade and Budapest seem to be coming around.

MOSCOW, June 25. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin does not intend to speak to his Serbian counterpart, Aleksandar Vucic, for now, Kremlin Aide Yury Ushakov said on the sidelines of the Primakov Readings forum. "No, no such talks are in the pipeline for now," Ushakov said when asked to comment on reports about Serbian weapons finding their way to Ukraine.

BELGRADE, June 24. /TASS/. Serbia is manufacturing and exporting military products under valid contracts and will not make any excuses for this, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said.

BUDAPEST, June 24. /TASS/. Hungary will block the allocation of 6.5 billion euros from the European Peace Facility to Ukraine until discrimination against Hungarian business companies ends in that country, Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Economic Relations of Hungary, Peter Szijjarto, said.

BRUSSELS, June 24. /TASS/. At a regular meeting of the EU Council foreign ministers of 27 EU countries approved the decision to transfer 1.4 billion euros of profits from Russia's frozen assets to the European Peace Facility for military assistance to Ukraine, EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell told a press conference following the results of the meeting.

MOSCOW, June 24. /TASS/. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky signed two decrees to impose sanctions on 367 legal entities, mostly from Russia, according to copies of the decrees published on the presidential website.

The Kremlin is calling different stuff terrorism. Maybe their allies don't know what the Kremlin means.

MAKHACHKALA, June 24. /TASS/. Some of the militants who attacked a synagogue and churches in Dagestan were killed, the rest will be punished, Dagestani Interior Minister Abdurashid Magomedov said.

UNITED NATIONS, June 24. /TASS/. Ukraine’s attack on civilian infrastructure in Sevastopol with the use of ATACMS tactical missiles carrying cluster warheads will be discussed at next regular meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Ukraine, Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said.

This is me talking about Bobby Kennedy. 6-24-24

This is me talking about Vladimir Putin's trip to Vietnam. 6-24-24

Reports about Tashkent.

Central bank to receive additional authority for cybersecurity
Some individuals might be added to unified register of dishonest performers
New draft law sets rules for efficient electricity use
New law determines conditions for termination of deputies and senators’ powers

This is commentary on Russian foreign policy. How the world is watching their allies. Now we're savvy about Hanoi and if it resembles the Bangkok night life scene.

MOSCOW, June 22. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on the Day of Remembrance and Sorrow, the anniversary of the start of the Great Patriotic War.

MOSCOW, June 23. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t have plans so far to go on summer vacation, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told TASS. "It is not clear yet," he said, when asked whether the president is planning a summer vacation.

HANOI, June 23. /TASS/. Vietnamese Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son met with US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel Kritenbrink and told him Hanoi views Washington as a strategic partner, the Vietnam News Agency reported.

SEOUL, June 23. /TASS/. South Korea will not restrict itself in any way in delivering weapons to Ukraine if Russia hands over advanced military technologies to North Korea, South Korea's national security adviser said. "I would like to emphasize that it all depends on Russia’s actions. Will there be any lines remaining for us if Russia gives high-precision weapons to North Korea?" Director of National Security Chang Ho-jin told the KBS television.

This is a commentary on Russian allies in Europe. Both Viktor Orban and Robert Fico are their allies. And so it's as though Orban is a guilty man talking.

BRUSSELS, June 24. /TASS/. The European Union has devised a legal loophole to sidestep Hungary’s veto on purchasing weapons for Ukraine using Russia’s frozen assets, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell told the Financial Times (FT). According to him, Budapest, having earlier declined the use of Russian assets, should not take part in the decision on their use.

BERLIN, June 24. /TASS/. The US should come out with the initiative of the immediate ceasefire in Ukraine, Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban said in an interview with the German Funke media group. "We should halt killings at the front," Orban said.

BERLIN, June 24. /TASS/. Russia can and should be part of the European security system, Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban said in an interview with the German Funke media group. "We should not indulge in illusions: Russia is different, its system and its society are not European," Orban said.

This is me talking about the Malaysian banking sector. 6-23-24

KUALA LUMPUR -- Malaysia has reiterated its support for China's sovereignty over Taiwan, rejecting calls for the independence of the island, according to a joint statement issued on Thursday by Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and Chinese Premier Li Qiang.

The BRICS group cannot communicate effectively about the army. Country slag or something.

This is me talking about Andy Garcia. 6-23-24

About the Telegraph interview with Grant Shapps.
I would like to be on the Telegraph Ukraine team. Francis went to Cambridge and Tony went to Oxford. Tony reports on the White House. Grant Shapps went to Man Poly. I wanted us to have a good showing. I thought the team dropped the ball. Dominic talked the whole time. Francis had two questions. "Are there these there?" It's a joke because he can't find his this with both hands.
Francis asked Grant are these there?
Not a great showing for our group that day.

The Russians just shot down their own helicopter near the Crimea. A commentary on Russian computer people. Are they mislabeling weaponry?

A Russian Ka-29 naval combat helicopter was shot down over occupied Crimea, and four crew members were killed. Russian propagandists claimed that their helicopter was downed due to a large-scale Ukrainian attack on Russian forces. According to them, Ukraine has begun employing a new strategy: simultaneous attacks using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and uncrewed surface vessels (USVs).

Is a UAV a USV?

Is a frog a bird?
No. But, axolotl, frogs, and salamanders are amphibians.

This is me talking about unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and uncrewed surface vessels (USVs). 6-23-24

English nationalism and the still life.

How Coleen Rooney kind of wasn't known over here until Wayne came over and Audi Field opened.
"They'd seen his face before nobody was really sure if he was from the House of Lords."
That people can be visibly ill and you wonder about William.

Странно ее видеть.
Coleen looked visibly ill.

This is me talking more about Kylian Mbappe. 6-22-24

This is me talking about California. 6-22-24

This is me talking about Kylian Mbappe. 6-22-24

An English doctor might have told him his nose wasn't broken.

Why Kylian Mbappe can’t wear France mask despite broken nose as little-known rule stops him using it during matches A little-known UEFA rule has stopped Kylian Mbappe protecting his broken nose with a special France-themed mask at Euro 2024. Mbappe will have to wear a mask for the rest of the tournament after suffering a savage injury in France's opening match but will have to bow to UEFA's regulations over such equipment. After going up for a header with Austria defender Kevin Danso, the Frenchman was left severely bloodied when he inadvertently headbutted the defender's shoulder. There were fears that Mbappe could miss the entire tournament after it was confirmed that he had broken his nose and was taken to hospital. He will return for France in their match against the Netherlands after being named on the substitute bench just a day after he was seen sporting a mask with the Tricolore colours of the nation's flag on Thursday. However, UEFA rules stipulate that he will not be able to actually wear the mask during a match as regulations state that medical equipment 'must be a single colour and free of team and manufacturer identification'.

Riot police clashed with demonstrators in the French city of Rennes on Thursday in the latest rally against the rise of the far-right ahead of a national election this month.

Maybe the Royal Navy is sailing toward Namibia more. That's maybe the world's oldest desert.

The judgement overturns rarely enforced laws dating back to 1927, which Namibia inherited from the colonial era but maintained after gaining independence from South Africa in 1990.

Commentary on the Russian and Chinese economies.

US sanctions leaders of Russian software firm Kaspersky over national security concerns The United States unveiled sanctions Friday against 12 top leaders of the Russia-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab, a day after banning the sale of its popular antivirus software on national security grounds.

The Italian government has fined a car company $6.4m (£5m) for allegedly branding vehicles that were made in China as being produced in Italy. DR Automobiles misleadingly marketed cars as being produced in Italy, even though they were mostly made in China, according to the country's competition regulator. The firm said it would appeal against the fine as it had never claimed its vehicles were completely made in Italy.

China changed village names 'to erase Uyghur culture'